Keep Calm and Love Watermelon!


The Watermelon Party is about sharing, caring, laughter and fun. The event is full of fabulous food and drink, enjoyable conversations and the opportunity to build special memories with family and friends!

 Colors are bright, spirits are light, everyday stress melts away.

Joy, happiness and a sense of wonder lingers as people come & go.
Time simply flies by.

The Watermelon Party was started by Rob & Dianne Clarke

Dianne’s mother, Marianne Grandstaff, started the watermelon obsession over 40 years ago. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Rob and Dianne moved her from Lincoln, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado to live with them, along with the watermelon collection. The collection sparked an interest in Dianne. 

“I always thought it would be fun to have a watermelon theme party, in honor of my mother who always loved parties and entertaining. It took five years to make the first party happen, but we finally did it! My mom was able to attend the first two parties before she passed away.
The rest is history!”